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Casual Make Up

Let us dress you up for those regular casual meet-ups that make you look prettier with a simple touch-up

Hair Color / Highlighting

Not sure what color to go with? We’ll help you right from picking the right hair color or applying it for you.

Hair Cut

We have 3 haircut specialists in our team who can give you a complete make-over with just a haircut.

More Services


Transform your hair with our expert rebonding services, delivering sleek and smooth results. Experience the ultimate pampering for a stunning, revitalized look.


Revitalize your skin with our expert cleansing services, leaving you refreshed and radiant. Experience the ultimate pampering for a renewed, glowing complexion.

Bridal Make Up

Elevate your special day with our skilled professionals craft a flawless and radiant look, ensuring you shine on your wedding day. 


Immerse yourself in tranquility at Eva Bridal Studio’s spa services. Our expert therapists curate a rejuvenating experience, leaving you relaxed and revitalized for a blissful escape.


Unveil smooth perfection with Eva Bridal Studio’s waxing services. Our skilled professionals ensure a precise and comfortable experience, leaving your skin silky and hair-free.

Hair Styles

Discover the artistry of Eva Bridal Studio’s hairstylists. From trendsetting cuts to personalised styles, our experts bring creativity to every strand, ensuring you leave with a look that’s uniquely you.


Transform your tresses with Eva Bridal Studio’s smoothening services. Our skilled stylists deliver sleek and silky results, leaving your hair luxuriously smooth and effortlessly beautiful.


Rejuvenate your skin with Eva Bridal Studio’s facial treatments. Our professionals tailor each session to your unique needs, leaving your complexion refreshed, radiant, and positively glowing.

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